• Fundraising

    How it helps our charity
    • New Toys & Equipment

      We strive to provide our members with new and interesting equipment and toys, to help them enjoy their time at Our Space as much as possible.

    • Activity Providers

      As well as the activities we run, our members love to meet new people and gain new experiences in the form of activity providers.

    • Upkeep

      To keep the Brook Centre safe and secure for our members, our premises is in need of ongoing maintenance, both inside and in our vast outdoor area.

    • The Building

      The money you raise helps to contribute towards the daily costs of having the building in use – simple items such as gas, electricity and water.

    • Staff

      In order for our sessions to be safe and engaging for our members, we need to provide a certain number of staff at each session.

    • Training

      With such an important, varied and challenging role, our staff need up to date training, to ensure that they can carry out their job to the best of their ability.

  • How can I help?

    Some of the ways you can get involved
    • Sponsored Events

      Whether you’d like to run a 10K, climb Snowdon or cycle from coast to coast, why not consider raising money for Our Space at the same time.

    • Give Your Time

      Give your time to support one of our organised events. Throughout the year we do a number of fundraising events, with everything from bucket collecting to raffles and meals.

    • Tell People About Us

      Whether it’s telling a family that has a child with a disability about our services or chatting to your workplace and getting them excited about what we do.

    • Maintenance

      Whether you’re a builder, joiner, plumber, gardener or just an enthusiast, we have lots of jobs that you could help with to keep our premises safe and secure for our vulnerable members.

    • Coffee Morning

      Raising money doesn’t have to be complicated. Simple events such as a coffee morning, quiz night or raffle at your workplace, all help to keep our services running

    • Donate

      We understand that not everyone has the time or ability to do things such as sponsored events or attend our fundraisers. Our BT donate page is a quick and easy way to help support Our Space.

  • I would like to donate to Our Space

  • Quick and Easy

    Ways to #SupportOurSpace